IMPS 2009

The 16th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society

St John's College, Cambridge, 20th to 24th of July 2009

The Psychometric Society held the 74th Annual and the 16th International Conference of the Society at St John's College, Cambridge between the 20th and the 24th July, 2009. The Psychometric Society was founded in 1935. It is an international non-profit professional organisation devoted to the constant improvement of quantitative measurement in psychology, education and the social sciences. The Society publishes the journal Psychometrika, which contains articles on the development of quantitative models of psychological phenomena, as well as statistical methods and mathematical techniques for the evaluation of psychological and educational data.

The meeting was hosted by The Psychometrics Centre, a centre of excellence within the University of Cambridge dedicated to the furtherance of knowledge and expertise in all fields of human assessment, including educational testing, psychological assessment, talent evaluation and epidemiological research.

IMPS 2011, the 76th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society, will take place at the Hong Kong Institute of Education on the 18th - 22nd July 2011

Abstracts of the papers that were presented at the conference can be viewed on this website. It includes keynote, state-of-the-art and invited talks, as well as symposia, contributed papers and posters.

Over 300 psychometricians from all parts of the world took part in IMPS 2009. They represented over 30 countries from throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

IMPS 2009 was sponsored by Pearson Assessment, Hogrefe UK, Educational Testing Service, Springer Science + Business Media, PsychCorp and Cambridge University Press.