IMPS 2009: Conference Abstracts

The meeting demonstrated an exciting programme of state-of-the-art lectures and seminars, keynote lectures by distinguished psychometricians, and invited papers from leaders in the field.

Pre-conference workshops: (20th July): Workshop leaders included Andrew Pickles, Alina von Davier, Matthias von Davier and Jeroen Vermunt.

Presidential address: Brian Junker

Keynote lectures: Speakers included Peter Congden, Bill Dickens and Ken Koedinger.

Invited speaker programme: Presentations by Edo Airoldi, Herb Marsh, Tom Minka, Rebecca Nugent, Nanny Wermuth and Carol Woods.

State-of-the-art talks: Presentations by Jon Templin, Francis Tuerlinckx, Ellen Hamaker, Elena Erosheva and Andries van der Ark.

Emeritus Lecture: Roderick P. McDonald shared with us his latest thinking on the topic of latent quantities.

Symposia: Sessions organized by Casper Albers, Wim van der Linden, Heungsum Hwang, Frank Rijman and Edward Ip, Ulf Kröhne and Rolf Steyer, Denny Borsboom and Roderick McDonald.

Contributed papers: Over 250 psychometricians from all over the world submitted proposals for oral presentations for the conference. Those selected illustrate the diversity of the the growing international expertise in the discipline.

Posters: There were two poster sessions, and all posters were entered for the poster prize, which was awarded to to be awarded to Hibist Astatke

Prizes and Awards: The Dissertation Prize was awarded to Bonne J.H. Zijlstra 

Social events. The social programme included punting on the River Cam, a reception at the Darwin Exhibition in the Fitzwilliam Museum (sponsored by Pearson Assessment) and a Banquet in St John's historic dining hall.